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Essays and Articles

“History Between Humor and Tragedy: Musings on Robert Graves’ Memoir, Goodbye to All That”, WWrite Blog at U.S. World War One Centennial Commission

“War is Still a Racket”, Foreign Policy

I discuss excessive American military spending, especially in regards to the F-35 jet, and also the corruption of the military-industrial complex in general, mentioning the most decorated Marine general in history Smedley Butler and his 1935 speech “War is a Racket.”

My article on Martin Heidegger on the Sophia Project website, a university project to educate people about philosophy.

“Religious and Cultural Propaganda in the Life of Apollonius of Tyana and the Acts of Thomas

This is my Master’s thesis, which I have posted here to advertise its subject matter, which is very interesting to me and which I would like others to be aware of. In the thesis I compare a Greek fictional biography of the accounts of a real philosopher (Apollonius of Tyana), and an apocryphal Christian ‘Acts’ about the fictional accounts of a real apostle (Thomas) to see how they could have been understood and effective when they were written in the changing world of the 3rd century AD. There is a rich literary heritage, mostly Greek, within the political history of the Roman Empire.  There is also a rich and rather unexpected (for the uninitiated) history of the composition of the Bible itself, which includes not only the ‘canonical’ books of the New Testament, but the 100 or more ‘apocryphal’ books that are equally ancient, but that gradually fell out of favor or were declared heretical for a variety of reasons (the final ‘Canon’ was not even first described until AD 367). The thesis is a sort of case study of very similarly-themed literature at a point in time in which Christianity was gradually becoming ascendant and Greco-Roman philosophy and pagan culture was gradually being discarded by all but the upper classes. A discussion and translation of Philostratus’ Life of Apollonius of Tyana can be found here.

Leukippe and Kleitophon 7.5: Convergence of Theme and Narrative Technique in Kleitophon’s Lament”

This is an essay analyzing one paragraph of the ancient Greek novel Leukippe and Kleitophon by Achilles Tatius. The novel is one of five main extant Greek novels, or romances, written approximately the first two or three centuries AD. It is a very intelligent novel that parodies the conventions of the novelistic genre as it existed at the time, and is also full of philosophical and literary references to earlier Greek works.

“Hadrian’s Adlocutio at Lambaesis”

This essay is based on a presentation I did about a surviving piece of archaeology that gives an account of a speech of the Roman Emperor Hadrian to soldiers in 128 AD at Lambaesis, in the African province of modern-day Algeria. A template for the presentation can be seen here. This is the only surviving text of a speech of an emperor to the army, and gives much valuable information about both the character of the emperor, as well as details about how the Roman army trained.

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    What is the name of the author associated with TigerPapers? I would like to cite an essay on Achilles Tatius.


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